Fresh Groceries

Our fruit stores sell delicious produce. We have a variety of apples, berries and other fruits. We sell them whole as well as cleaned, cut and packaged. We have fresh vegetables that are bright and tasty. We also have milk, juices, chips, pretzels, candy and more.

Our stores also have salad bars are stocked daily with fresh lettuce, mushrooms, broccoli, chopped onions, red green and yellow bell peppers, sliced carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, shredded cheddar cheese and more. We also have seven different dressings to choose from. If you need a lunch while window shopping downtown Hinsdale or downtown Western Springs, or if you’re on your way home from the train, you can surely make your own creation that will satisfy your appetite. We also make seasonal treats year round, including summer smoothies, pumpkin bread, Valentine’s Day candy and other seasonal items.

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